Thursday, November 21, 2019

Module 1 TD- TUX 101 - Earning a College Degree Essay

Module 1 TD- TUX 101 - Earning a College Degree - Essay Example An analysis carried out in 29 countries (mostly industrialized ones) confirmed the long-known impression that college education is universally worth the cost and time. On average, degree holders earn 1.5 times that of adults with diplomas from high-school. Whereas a degree is a good investment in other countries, no other nation rewards it like the US. Nonetheless, a degree has got a higher rate of return than majority of financial investments, and it seems these benefits are rising due to financial crisis. This is because, there is a rising premium on superior skills and the biggest casualties are the low skilled since the work is getting digitized, outsourced, automated etc. Secondly, majority of companies use screening rules while selecting potential employees, one of the first rules being; does the candidate have a degree? On the other hand, pundits think that most of those attending 4 year colleges do not graduate even after 6 years and the dropout rate is increasingly high. Even though graduates from college acquire marketable skills, others earn little more income, but with college debts as well as some lost income accrued while one is unsuccessfully chasing a degree. On average, college graduates earn more, live longer, have h ealthy kids, acquire better social skills and generally happier and for those considering long term career, then a degree is an obvious requirement. Thus college is a worthy investment and college graduates accomplish key milestones in

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