Monday, December 30, 2019

David Sehat s The Jefferson Rule Essay - 1697 Words

In The Jefferson Rule, David Sehat outlines the history of American politics and provides exceptional insight on the government from the Founder’s points of view. More particularly, Sehat focused on the title of the book, The Jefferson Rule, to guide him on his journey through historical reflection. As he dug deeper into more and more historical events throughout the book, he made a point to tie each affair back to his key point – the Jefferson Rule. He did an excellent job of explaining each historical scenario mentioned in his book and how they each demonstrated the Rule. Perhaps the most fundamental basis for Sehat’s book is this idea of the Jefferson Rule. Although I’m sure there are multiple ways to interpret it, I believe that I have unraveled the rule in a way that remains consistent throughout the book. The rule is to make sure, if you’re a politician, that your policies align with the principles of the Founding Fathers. By having a foundati on as credible and trusted as the Founding Fathers’ backing your policies up, they are taken much more seriously by skeptics. This theme played a major role throughout the book, and Sehat did an artful job of synthesizing it with many of the historical events he spoke of. One of the major historical happenings chronicled in The Jefferson Rule was the Civil War. In discussing this event, Sehat made a point to explain the leading causes and how the Jefferson Rule factored into its coming. One of these main causes of division

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